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Czech Shaped Beads

One of the most beautiful, famous and ancient types of beads is the Czech glass bead. You have probably encountered Czech Beads during your search for high-quality beads and jewellery supplies for your projects. However, you may not be familiar with the long history of these beads or their usefulness today.  Production of glass beads began in ancient Egypt, and many cultures have successfully adopted the practice over the centuries. However, glass beads became particularly beloved and successful in Bohemia/Czech Republic because of the area's abundant resources of water, quartz and sand.


Czech glass beads come in a fantastic array of sizes, shapes, colours and finishes. From pips and pinches to silky beads to honeycombs to thorns to SuperDuos and ripples.  Rosarama has all of your Czech glass bead needs covered. We are constantly adding the latest styles and colours. Enjoy the variety. We have recently increased our Czech glass multi-holed beads range and now include DiamondDuos,Superduos, Lentil beads, MiniDuos and more!


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