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Hi and welcome to our new blog. Here you will regularly find information about new products and tips. We will also keep you informed about our sales events and the shows we attend should you want to visit us there.

We have just received a consignment from America and here are some pictures of the new and interesting products.

The first tip is about how to make your own beaded toggle clasp. This technique is particularly useful if you or the person you make the jewellery for is allergic to metals as there is no metal clasp involved. Apart from that it is always a smart way to finish a necklace/bracelet if other clasps do not look right.

For the toggle put on a stopper bead and string on 16 beads of the size and colour you have been using in the necklace. Work one row in peyote and before working the last four beads or so check if the toggle will be too long. In that case slide the last two or four beads (even number) off the thread. Work enough rows (even number) for you to be able to roll up the beading into a tight roll and zip the two ends together. You can add a crystal or other (flat) bead to the ends (optional). Finish off the threads. On one of the threads on your necklace string on five beads, then the toggle in the middle of the tube and go back through the last of the three beads just strung. Pick up two beads and go through the necklace on the opposite end. Fasten with a half hitch knot and retrace the thread path for extra strength.

For the loop string on three beads followed by enough beads for the toggle to go through the loop. Go back through the last of the three beads. Pick up two beads and attach opposite from where you started. Fix with a half hitch knot and weave to the other side. Go through the three beads and work one row of peyote around the loop. Go back through the three beads and finish off the thread with some more half hitch knots and weave in.

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