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Tools & Accessories

There are many different tools and accessories including jewellery pliers; chain nose, round nose, bent nose, flat nose, each with specific uses. Over the centuries, the designs for pliers developed within various trades, from electricians and mechanics to farriers and artisans.


Jewellery pliers can be used for bending, holding, turning the wire, opening and closing jump rings, clamping, and chain making. Their small ends enable them to get into small spaces and grip the jewellery well.


Pliers are essential tools in jewellery making. Having a quality set of the most frequently used pliers and cutters will ensure great results in your jewellery projects for years to come. It can be confusing when you’re just starting to choose which pliers and cutters to buy as there is such a wide variety on the market today.  Using the right kind of pliers for the right job will help cut down on time and improve your jewellery making. Pliers and cutters usually considered essential include round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, flat nose pliers, bent nose pliers, crimping pliers and side cutters.

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