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About Rosarama Beadcraft

Rosarama Beadcraft started off as a hobby.  During my teenage years, I had been experimenting with a bead loom and a variety of beading techniques.  The hobby outgrew the house in so much so that I started thinking about making beading my business.

I opened the shop in 2001.  The name was quickly found and is an acronym of our family names.


Ro is for Rohini that is me

Sa is for Santosh that is my dad

Ra is for Rahul that is my brother

Ma is for Marijke that is my Mum

So Rosarama Beadcraft was founded.


I started the website a few years later so customers from further afield could also buy my products.

Rosarama Beadcraft is now based online only still offering great products and customer service

Stringing Beads
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