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Two Hole Lentil Beads

Lentil beads look like round czech glass lentil beads that have been squashed into a flattish shape. They have slightly rounded fronts and backs, allowing you to create lovely textures with them; Lentil beads come in two varieties; singular hole beads and two holes. They also come in a fabulous range of colours.


In the one holed variety, the hole sits at the bottom of the bead. The two holed variety has the usual hole near the bottom and then an additional hole near the top, so it looks - and sits- rather like a button. 


Whichever type you choose, the lentil beads look great when stitched so that they sit sideways when viewed flat. The shaped front and back edges allow the beads to fan into a small ‘V’ shape if used in herringbone stitch.


Lentil beads add interest and texture, and there is great versatility in creating with both types in a single project.


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